Content Creation

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Expressive content can be created by simply selecting modules.

About 60 types of modules are provided for content creation and attractive content can be created by simply selecting modules such as, photo gallery, image slider, video playback, toggle tab display, table display, etc. These modules are regularly supplemented through software updates.

Modules for displaying articles

Single Type, 21 types


Heading, text, and image can be displayed by a single module.

List Type, 12 types


Multiple single types can be consecutively displayed in a single module.

Tab/Tabular Type, 8 types

LIstModules & TabModules

Texts can be switched by tabs, and displayed in a table format.

RSS Type, 6 types

IndexModules & RSS feed Module

Created texts can be distributed in RSS format, or other RSS feed can be read and displayed.

Modules for displaying images

Single Type, 3 types


Module to display only image, as standalone or in a row.

List Type, 4 types

ListModules & SliderModules

Multiple images can be consecutively displayed in a single module.

Banner Type, 3 types

Link Banner Modules

Module to display image as banner.

Video/Flash Type, 2 types

Flash Module & Media Playback Module

Module to playback video or display image created with FLASH.

Other Modules


Inquery Module

Module to create an inquiry form.

HTML Input

HTML Module

Module to freely input HTML.

Breadcrumb List

Topic Path Module

A web page location in a website can be displayed in list format.