Summary of the Software

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Summary of the Software.

ThreeWeave allows drastic reduction of cost through reduction in website creation time and update/operation of website without the need for technical knowledge. Furthermore, it is designed to maximize website effectiveness through support for mobile phones/terminals and coordination with social media such as Facebook. Unlike open source CMS, a dedicated server or a database is not needed. In addition, ThreeWeave supports the current needs of websites through regular updates and additions of templates and other necessary items.

ThreeWeave VS Open Source Software

Item ThreeWeave Open Source Software
Coding Operation Automatic Manual
Preview Edit Allowed Not allowed
Update using a browser Not allowed Allowed
Database Not required Required
Operating environment PC Server
Mobile site creation Automatic Manual

Software Track Record.

ThreeWeave is the English version of TieredWorks (developer: SUNFIRST INC.) which is developed in Japan and marketed outside of Japan. TieredWorks, the basis of ThreeWeave, is currently introduced into about 7000 organizations as of March 2012, and was selected as a winner in the Adobe Air contest held by Adobe Japan in 2011.

About the Software Operation.

ThreeWeave runs in Windows or Macintosh with Adobe Air runtime application installed.


Item Detail
OS Microsoft Windows XP / Home / Professional
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium / Business
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium / Professional
Microsoft Windows 8 / Windows 8 Pro
CPU More than 2.33 GHz x Compatible Processor 86
(More than Intel Atom 1.6 GHz Processor for netbook)
Memory More than 2GB
HDD More than 1GB
Display More than 1024x768 Pixel
Inertnet ADSL or Fiber


Item Detail
OS Mac OS x More than 10.6
CPU More than Intel R Core Duo Processor
Memory More than 2GB
HDD More than 1GB
Display More than 1024x768 Pixel
Inertnet ADSL or Fiber