Coordinate with Facebook pages and blogs.

Articles added to websites can be displayed on Facebookpages or articles posted on blogs can be displayed on websites by using RSS feed output or read modules. Functions are provided to facilitate the utilization of social media and the operation of websites.

  • Output RSS feed

    Using module (Index Module) that can output RSS, articles published on websites can also be published on Facebook pages and blogs.

    Output RSS feed
  • Read RSS feed

    Using module (Feed Reader Module) that can read RSS, articles published on Facebook pages and blogs can be displayed on websites.

    Read RSS feed
  • Websites can be used as Facebook applications.

    By registering the websites created by ThreeWeave as original applications on Facebook pages, expanded operation of Facebook pages is possible. Because the registered application page can be freely created and updated by ThreeWeave, operation of uniquely personalized Facebook pages filled with substantial information, in addition to simple timeline information, is possible.

  • Update of Facebook Application

    1. Register the application in Facebook.
    2. Specify the website URL for the application.
    3. Update the website with ThreeWeave.