Mobile Websites generated by HTML5 and JQuery Mobile.

When a website for PC is created, a mobile website optimized for smartphone is automatically generated. By coding with HTML5 that supports the smartphone browser, and JQueryMobile that supports the touch and swipe type of smartphone-specific operations, a mobile site that is enjoyable to the site users can be implemented.

  • Display in HTML format

    Text and images are displayed vertically to fit the mobile screen size.

    Display in HTML format
  • Display using open/close method

    Article opens and closes when heading is touched and text and images can be displayed.

    Display using open/close method
  • Display in swipe format

    Multiple images can be alternately displayed by performing swipe operation.

    Display in swipe format
  • Mobile website design and display method can be set up.

    Unnecessary articles can be prevented from being displayed or the display method for individual articles can be specified to fit the mobile screen. The background color, character color, spacing between articles, etc., can be set up in detail. The color for the mobile site can be set up by combining the themes that are pre-built, and the designs created by JQuery Mobile Theme Roller can be applied.