SEO measures for websites created by ThreeWeave.

Display ranking of a website from Google keyword search can be confirmed and recommendations for raising the ranking can be verified. System automatically checks the website configuration and text content created by ThreeWeave, and the user can take SEO measures without incurring much cost.

  • Display Ranking in Google

    Search ranking can be confirmed for 4 patterns of designated keyword combination.

  • Keyword Occurrence Rate

    The ratio of keyword occurrences to the total words in a page can be verified.

    Keyword Occurrence Rate
  • Comparison with Rivals

    Rival websites can be analyzed and compared with the user website for differences.

    Comparison with Rivals

Diagnostic Items for Website

項目 内容
Page Title Verifies whether proper page title is used.
Meta-Keywords Verifies whether proper keywords are used.
Description Verifies whether proper description is used.
Site Configuration Verifies the number of categories, pages, links and words in the pages, h tags, etc.
Category Name Verifies whether proper category name is used.
Page Name Verifies whether proper page name is used.
Link Text Verifies whether valid link is used.
Word Verifies whether valid words are being used.