Contents can be intuitively updated without the need for technical knowledge.

Articles can be created and moved by directly clicking on the area to be updated and using drag-and-drops in the preview screen. There are functions provided for easy update of websites without the need for technical knowledge such as, when a page is added, a button is automatically added to the navigation, and when an image to be displayed is specified only by the width, the image is loaded and resized automatically, etc.

  • Add and move a page

    When a page is added with “Add” button, it is also automatically added to the navigation bar. Also, a page can be easily copied or moved with “Copy” and “Cut” buttons.

    Add and move a page
  • Add and move an article

    Articles can be easily added with “Add” and “Copy” buttons, and moved with drag-and-drop.

    Add and move an article
  • Update an article

    When a module to be updated is clicked, the update panel is displayed. Simply click on heading, sentence, image, etc., to update.

    Update an article
  • Importing of images

    Images and pictures stored in PC can be selected and by specifying only the width of the image to be displayed, it will be imported and resized automatically. There is no need to use an imaging software to individually resize them.

    Importing of images